No. 2 - A Rolling Stone

Harnessing the Power of Focus

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping make the inaugural first issue a resounding success. I was thrilled by the number of people who opened that email, and hopefully, if you're reading this issue, one of them was you!

If you recall, last week's issue focused on introducing the newsletter and giving you a roadmap for what to expect in future issues, like this one.

This week's format is slightly different. Each issue will focus on an overarching theme to keep content cohesive and diverse. This week's theme is Embracing Neurodiversity in Entrepreneurship.

With the momentum we've picked up over the past week, it's time to dive in!

Featured Article

Hyperfocus: The Entrepreneurial Superpower

Hyperfocus is a term often used in the context of ADHD, but it's a phenomenon that many neurodivergent individuals experience. In the entrepreneurial world, it's like having a secret weapon, one that can propel you to incredible heights of productivity and creativity.

Understanding Hyperfocus

  • What Is Hyperfocus? Hyperfocus can be described as an intense form of mental concentration or absorption in which one becomes fully engrossed in a task to the point where they may become oblivious to the world around them. This state allows for deep work, where distractions fade away, and productivity soars.

  • Neurodivergent Minds and Hyperfocus: For those of us with ADHD or other forms of neurodiversity, hyperfocus often occurs spontaneously, triggered by high interest or urgency in a task. It’s a unique cognitive feature where our brains lock onto something with an intensity that can be both astonishing and overwhelming.

The Power of Hyperfocus in Entrepreneurship

  • Enhanced Productivity: In my own experience, hyperfocus has enabled me to accomplish massive amounts of work in a short period. I recall times when developing new course material or working on a complex project, where hours passed without my notice, resulting in significant progress.

  • Deep Dives into Innovation: Hyperfocus allows for an unparalleled depth of thought, facilitating innovative solutions and creative ideas. It’s during these times of hyperfocus that some of my best ideas have emerged, ideas that might have remained unexplored under normal concentration levels.

Managing Hyperfocus for Maximum Benefit

  • Strategic Application: The key to harnessing hyperfocus is directing it towards productive tasks. I’ve learned to recognize the signs of an impending hyperfocus session and to align it with critical tasks or complex problems that require deep thinking. That said, it's difficult for me to control when I might enter that state, and actively trying to achieve it almost always results in the opposite.

  • Balancing with Breaks: As Eldon Tyrell said in Blade Runner, "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long..." Of course, he was talking about the lifespan of an android, but, I digress. It’s crucial to manage hyperfocus so it doesn’t lead to burnout. Integrating structured breaks, using techniques like the Pomodoro method, has been instrumental for me in maintaining balance. I prefer a longer pomo session, typically aiming at a 50-minute session followed by a 10-minute rest period. I find the classic 25-minute sessions never really allow me to get the momentum needed to engage deeply in a task.

  • Avoiding Hyperfocus Pitfalls: One challenge is becoming so absorbed in a task that other important duties get neglected. To counter this, I use tools like task lists and will set an alarm to act as a "hard stop", just in case I decide to "skip just one more break", one too many times.

Hyperfocus in Collaboration

  • Communicating with Your Team: It's important to communicate your hyperfocus tendencies in a team setting. I've found it beneficial to explain to my colleagues how I work during these periods and to establish boundaries and expectations.

  • Leveraging Collective Hyperfocus: Imagine a team where each member understands and respects each other’s hyperfocus abilities. By aligning these periods with collaborative deep work sessions, the productivity and creative output can be remarkable.

Hyperfocus in entrepreneurship can be likened to a laser beam — powerful, precise, and capable of cutting through complexity. By understanding and managing this trait, we can transform our natural cognitive tendencies into a formidable tool for business success. It's about channeling our intense concentration to not only advance our entrepreneurial endeavors, but also innovate and redefine what's possible in the business world.

This Week in Tech

AI and Computing Power: Microsoft and OpenAI's Ambitious 'Stargate' Project

  • Microsoft and OpenAI Collaborate on 'Stargate'

    • Microsoft's potential investment of $100 billion in an AI supercomputer for OpenAI's 'Stargate' project marks a significant development in AI technology.

    • The scale of this project has sparked discussions about the potential for artificial general intelligence (AGI) and its far-reaching implications.


Healthcare Innovation: AI Transforming Drug Development

  • AI Accelerates Drug Discovery

    • The use of AI in drug development is growing rapidly, with its potential to halve time and costs, leading to faster introduction of new treatments.

    • AI's ability to analyze large datasets is crucial for identifying new drugs or applications, revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Implications for Healthcare

    • This advancement suggests a significant shift in drug development processes, promising quicker access to new medical treatments.


I found this fascinating article about using machine learning to diagnose ADHD. They used brain scans (EEG) and developed a really accurate way to identify ADHD. This could be a big step forward in helping kids get the right support faster!

The less technical tl;dr:

The study described in the webpage used a stacked classifier to differentiate children with ADHD from healthy controls. The classifier was trained on EEG data from 61 children with ADHD and 60 healthy controls. The stacked classifier achieved an accuracy of 92%, which is higher than the accuracy of any individual classifier.

This study suggests that machine learning can be used to develop accurate and reliable methods for diagnosing ADHD. The use of EEG data and stacked classifiers may lead to earlier diagnosis and intervention, which can improve outcomes for children with ADHD.

AI Corner: The Weekly Prompt

Macro-group To-do Sorting

This week's prompt is simple, yet surprisingly powerful! Anytime you're faced with an insurmountable list of to-do's, this prompt can help you begin to power through it. It's best when paired with a time-blocking strategy, but even if not, it is a surefire way to get you past the ADHD paralysis stage and back to the tasks at hand (no matter how many there are)!


Please help me structure the following to-do items by categorizing them into macro-groups:

Replace this text by pasting in your to-do items

Preferred AI: I've mostly used this prompt with ChatGPT 4; however, your results should be fairly usable across most models.

User Submission: Want to be featured in a future issue or on Reply to this email and let me know how you used this week's prompt! With your help, this could become a weekly showcase for readers like you!

Journey Behind the Screens: A Solopreneur's Diary

This week flew by — we're already 4 days into the new month! While last week was filled with the energy and excitement of new launches, this week had me doing more admin and maintenance-type work.

  • Many small updates to the website (speed enhancements, and better menu navigation)

  • Advanced on a workflow I'm developing as part of an upcoming single-day masterclass for ADHD entrepreneurs. More on that in the next couple of weeks! I won't give away too much, but it's going to be of particular interest to anyone who has to give presentations in their role.

  • Tried to get in more time journalling this week, but was feeling under the weather. I don't want to journal if it feels burdensome to do so. I'd rather skip a couple of days and get back to it when I can.

So, that's this week's recap! I'd love to know what part of my founder's journal you're most curious about. Are there any questions you'd like answered in the coming weeks? Let me know!

Wrapping Up This Second Issue

As this second issue draws to a close, I reflect on the journey we've embarked upon together. A fellowship, if you will. This is deeper than simply sharing information; it's about creating a community where each of us grows and learns. Your engagement and feedback can help propel this newsletter, making it a rich and dynamic experience for everyone.

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